All Saints Research Project

Each saint is an ordinary person who,

when called to holiness, responded and

became one of our Church’s heroes.

Saints are examples for all of us.

Bowling Pin Project

The bowling pin project is a long tradition at Vill Duchesne Oak Hill School. Your child is bringing home a bowling pin that will represent his/her saint. From the information your child will be learning about his/her saint, he/she can begin to think about how to dress the bowling pin. A variety of materials may be used including paint, felt, doll hair, cotton balls, cloth, twine, and hot glue. Please do not glue a doll head to the top of the bowling pin or create a platform for the saint. The saint’s name should be displayed toward the bottom of the clothing on a small card attached by a pin or clip. The child’s name should be listed also. All bowling pins will be displayed during the All Saints’ Mass celebrated on Tuesday, November 1.

Saint Research

The research project begins with each child choosing a saint to research. We will be spending time at school reading and learning about saints. We will find out about how, when, and where they lived, what they looked like, and other interesting facts about their lives. The children will discover if his/her saint is the patron of anyone or any group. They will learn about feast days and their celebrations. They will decide what virtues these holy people displayed and how we can display some of the same virtues in our lives today.


This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to talk about the saints and the importance of All Saints’ Day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Miss Barron or Mrs. Libich.

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