Miss Barron's Homework Page

stack of books


Workbook page 134, simplifying fractions. Begin studying for test on 4/24/17.


Read pages 178-180. Take notes on the three types of rocks. Be prepared to locate an example of each type of rock in the classroom.


Read 15 minutes of any material you wish. Complete your book club pages and chapter summaries for Friday. We will have our group discussions.

Social Studies

Study the location of the four regions of Missouri. Your test will include locating the regions and giving two facts about each region.


Border Style is used on H1, H2, and the image. I used a double border on the H1 to set the title apart from the rest of the page. I used a single border on the image and H2 to show importance and to focus the readers eye.

Padding Style is used to create space around the text. This sets it off from other text, border, and images. I have used it in H1, H2, and paragraphs.

Margin Style is usded on H1, H2, image, and paragraph. I did this to ensure everything is equal.