Technology in the Elementary School

Technology in the Elementary School

Welcome to Technology in the Elementary School!

Taking traditional learning beyond the typical school building and its limitations!

Take a minute to look around and see what you can do to enhance your students' or children's technological future. Students feel right at home and are willing to go the "extra mile!"

You can see the various technology concepts that are available to help strengthen your child's academic skills inside and out of the classroom setting. Your child will learn new and exciting material in a much more appealing method that will allow them to experience learning for themselves.

Students will find that learning is not just a must do activity, but it will be what they want to do and look forward to completing and mastering levels of academic excellence!

Fun & Technology

Learning with Technology

Technology has several components that will really turn students on to learning. Students are encouraged to visit and practice skills introduced through games, drills, quiz and assessment formats that will increase their knowledge base and improve academics in the classroom and beyond.

Technology also motivates students to strive to be better and develop a routine to boost study habits and a strong work ethic. The computer will be used as a tool to reach new heights of student success!

Math Instruction Varied

Math will be presented in simple lessons that will allow students to progress with a solid foundation.

Students are given a variety of instructional methods that includes technology and traditional forms.

Global Learners are Inspired

Students are encouraged to learn about the world through writing and reading activities and projects.

There are several applications that will motivate students to investigate the world that they will someday work, lead, protect and live.

Our Future depends on Technology

Learning with Technology

Mobymax to Improve Skills

Mobymax will help your child to improve in academics with daily practice while having fun at the same time. Students will use technology to hone in on challenging skills that weakens the students confidence in school. Students are givng opportuinites to enhance areas of concern in learning through games, puzzles and drills.

Academic Subjects

  • Mathmatics and Science
  • Reading and Writing

Mathematics and Science Skills

Numbers and Operations

Working with Numbers

Students will learn how to count, write, read and manipulate numbers to effectively add, subtract, multiply and divide, along with understanding place value and fractions. Students will use virtual manipulatives on the computer which will prepare them for the careers that will be available for them in the future. Students will also learn how to utilize technology as a tool to assist them to accomplish their own individual goals when they are ready.

Reading Skills
Comprehension and Fluency

Students will work independently on their level with word recognition, vocabulary and comprehension skills to improve reading skills academic performance. Students will read texts of their interest based on placement assessment that will ensure students are learning and having fun. Reading skills that are challenging will be taught through drills and repetition. As students progess their levels will increase to continue to challenge students when goals are mastered.

Links for Technology in the Elementary School

Elemetary School and Technology

Technology in the Elementary School

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