Pro-ACT Case Study

In any hospital setting there are many examples of incidents that have occured that could have been avoided. To avoid mishaps of employees following improper procedure, we have responsibility to give situation-specific training in order to prepare employees for situations similar to those you are about to read. The case studies you are about to read have clear examples in which employees ignore early indicators of a client experiencing trouble. No one will be assigned a case study in which a client passes away, however, it does happen.

You will be randomly assigned a case study. You are to read this case study and pay special attention to the principles of Pro-ACT that have been violated. To complete this assignment for full credit; identify where the client was coming away from the basline on each area of the Assault Crisis Cycle Worksheet.

Assault Crisis Cycle Worksheet

The Assault Crisis Cycle worksheet is located in the course files. Be sure to type the clients reaction in each of the points of the diagram to indicate your understanding of each step of this cycle.

Each section is already labled, you'll need to fill out each section. The following is an example of how this will look on your diagram:

  1. Trigger Phase - A new client became questionably quiet after calling his mother expressing he was scared to be in a psychiatric facility and he may be in the middle of another "psycho attack". Mother called the nurses station expressing concern that her son was having issues that he may not have expressed to treatment team.
  2. Escalation Phase - While client was at lunch, client started making loud noises. Staff did not check on client. Staff then picked up a chair and swung it at the wall. Staff ignored this as well.
  3. Crisis Phase - Client hit another client in the head with a chair in the dining room yelling "HELP ME!"
  4. Recovery Phase - Client sat down immediately after hitting the other client in the head. He put his head down on the table and began crying.
  5. Post Crisis Depression - Client was taken back to the ward and began appologizing to everyone for his bad behavior and went to his room. He asked to not be bothered for the next hour.

Upload your finished diagram to Moodle in order to recieve credit for this module of Pro-Act Training.