Health Benefits

What is MCHCP?

MCHCP Stands for the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan. MCHCP is an outside organization that helps us understand our Health, Vision, and Dental Benifits. Logging into MCHCP will aslo give you access the the SELF program.


Open Enrollment

Have your health needs changed? Open enrollment occurs in OCTOBER
During the month of October it is your resposibility to select a health care plan. If you negelt to do so you will automatically be defaulted to the PPO 600 plan. For some people,, that works, as this is the plan they have selected in the past. However, if you want to choose the HSA or PPO 300 plan, you'll want to be sre you re-enroll in the proper health care plan.


Most questions relating to MCHCP are better resolved by contacting MCHCP directly.

Monday - Friday
(Closed on State & Federal Holidays) Office: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Need more info? MCHCP can be linked here.