Classroom Information

Classroom Information Description
Homework Your child will have reading as their daily homework. A reading log will be in their daily folder for you to fill out for them. Please take this time to enjoy reading with your child.
Birthdays In the K-E Family the children can bring in their favorite book to read to the class or to have a teacher read it to the class. You may also donate a book to the class in lieu of “treats or prizes”. Please remember no birthday treats-they will unfortunately be sent back home.
Snack Please send ONLY HEALTHY snacks. Encourage your child to pick out their snack so they can determine what is healthy or not. Please see the district generated snack suggestion list. We do not have children with nut allergies in our classroom.
Parties We will have Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties as well as an end of the year celebration, which will be organized through designated room parents. More information will be provided as the time nears.
Jobs Every student has a job and they keep it for two weeks. They have real life job titles and duties. They will be paid for their job and will be able to shop with their money at the class store!