All About Me

Welcome to Ms. Jeffries Website. My name is Alexa Jeffries and I was born and raised in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey ( outside of Atlantic City). Growing up, I was always around sport and played sports as a child. When I was growing up I participated in the following sports since the 3rd grade. I was a cheerleader, played basketball and ran track. As a basketball player I was able to participate in various teams. In 3rd and 4th grade I was asked to play in the all-star game for the recreational league which afforded me the opportunity to play travel basketball all the way up to 6th grade. I played basketball on the middle school and high school teams and was a standout star. I also played AAU from the from 5th grade until High School. After high school, I attended Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC. Since my passion for sports I studied Sport Management in hopes to become a Athletic Director in the High School or College setting. I graduated from WSSU in 2007, since the high schools wanted the Athletic Directors to have their teaching certificate, I ended up attending North Carolina A&T State University in the Spring of 2009. I graduated from NCAT in 2014 and I had a job already lined up with a school district as a Health/PE teacher. I started my teaching career in Lee County School System. I was a middle school teacher at West Lee Middle School, where I was able to start my coaching career as a Assistant Softball coach as well. My short Tenure there I was able to make impacts on students life by teaching and coaching.

While there I was able to coach Softball, Basketball and Soccer.

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In 2017, It was time for a change so I decided that I wanted to move closer to home. In the spring of 2018 I was offered a job with Montgomery County School System in Maryland. Currently I am a Health/PE teacher at another middle school where I coach the girls basketball team as well.


My Hobbies include coaching youth sports of all ages. Also I like to workout and go to the gym when I have time.

My favorite hobby of them all is traveling thought out the US and out of the county. I have been just about the whole East Coast from Masachusetts to Florida. I've also been to Georgia,Alabama, Lousiana, New Mexico, Texas, Michigan,Tennesse, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah. I have been out the county to Dominican Republic and St. Thomas Virgina Island.