Color Wheel

The color wheel is an arrangement of colors organised by their chromatic relationship to one another in a cicle. Color wheel consist of Primary & Secondary colors. Every color created can be traced back to the basic colors on the color wheel. Red, yellow, and blue also know as the primary colors. By mixing two of the primary colors together, you get the secondary colors. Yellow and blue make green; red and blue make purple; and yellow and red make orange.


Primary Colors

Primary colors consist of red, blue, and yellow colors. Primary colors are any group of colors from which all other colors can be obtained by mixing two of the colors together. According to Wikipedia, this is the essential method used to create the perception of a broad rang of colors in, e.g., electronic displays, color printing, and paintings.

red color blue color yellow color

Secondary Color

Often secondary color are defind as a color created by mixing two primary colors. Basic secondary colors are green, purple, and orange but the secondary color you get depends on the proportion in which you mix the two primary colors. For example, if you add more yellow than blue, you get a lemon-green color.

Yellow + Blue = Green

Red + Blue = Purple

Yellow + Red = Orange

yellow color + blue color = green color

red color + blue color = purple color

yellow color + red color = orange color