Ninth Grade English Expectations

Global Expectations

“Every member of the Whitfield School community must sustain and promote a high level of personal honor and integrity. The Honor Code represents the system through which all individuals, as members of a community committed to academic excellence and social responsibility, demonstrate respect, honesty and scholarship. Every individual assumes the responsibility to preserve the ethical, academic and moral values of the community. Academic dishonesty and conduct lacking integrity in any form lessen the value of the collective mission. The success of this Honor Code depends upon trustworthy behavior on the part of all involved.”

Classroom Expectations

  1. Respect self, others, and property at all times.
  2. Come to class prepared mentally and physically each day, and with all materials.
  3. Collaborate with your peers to the best of your ability on appropriate assignments.
  4. Follow and obey all rules found in the Whitfield School handbook.
  5. Know the ROPES!

English Department Mission Statement

In the English program, Whitfield students build character, purpose, and passion in an environment that prioritizes communication, connectivity, and innovative thinking. Students develop an appreciation of the power and beauty of the English language by exploring literature, by writing in a broad selection of modes with different purposes, and by engaging with a variety of audiences. The mission of the English department is to provide students with the tools they need to become skilled, effective and enthusiastic readers, writers and communicators.

Process Writing at Whitfield

Good writing is evidence of good thinking and is a vehicle for promoting understanding, empathy and appreciation of many perspectives. Awareness of audience and purpose is paramount in effective communication. In English, students work to find their own voices while developing critical thinking and reflection skills. Learning a variety of genres of writing comes from tackling authentic tasks. Students should be ready to revise and rework their ideas before creating a publishable product, and teachers will provide substantive coaching at each stage of the writing process.