Course Syllabus - Computer 101: Basic Computing

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Course Information

Course Description

This course is designed for student to learn the fundamentals about computers and software. In this course, the students will learn about computer history, operations systems, hardware, software and the Microsoft Office Suite. The major of the class assignments will come from the Microsoft Office Suite software.

Class Schedule

Course Prerequisites

This is a beginner’s course there is no prerequisites.

Assignment Percentage

Grading Scale

Late Assignments

Assignments will be accepted for three days after their due date to receive half credit.

Extra Credit

Extra credit assignments will be given weekly. Students will be able to earn five points on their lowest grade in all course work.


Attendance will be taken 10 minutes after class has started. If you have an excused absence, it is your responsibility to get any missed class assignments from the instructor. Letter grade will drop if you missed more than three days without an excuse. In the event of an emergency where you are unable to make it to class, contact your instructor as soon as possible.