Project: Building a Computer

Course: Advanced Computing

Project Overview:

The purpose of the Building a Computer project is to provide hands-on experience to each student. Students will build a standard computer that will be good for home use. By now the students know the functionality of how a computer is supposed to work. This project will be completed throughout the course of several class sessions. Students can work in groups to complete each individual computer build. Students should NOTcomplete all the work for another student. Groups will be limited to three students per group.

Students are responsible for purchasing the required hardware and software to complete the computer build. This project will take place in Computer lab 110. Students will have access to the following:

Supplies will be provided to each student. Students are welcome to bring their own supplies. Computer lab 110 will be reserved for our class and will be locked at the end of each class session. Students can leave their computer in the lab until project is completed.

Required Harware:

Optional Hardware

Required Software

Optional Software