Computer 101: Getting to know your Computer®

Workshop: I would like to teach a Computer 101 workshop class that target people in the workforce.

This workshop is design for people in the workforce who use a computer to complete work. My career has been in the Information Technology field providing technical support to employees. The one thing I notice the most is employees do not know how to navigate on their computer. This workshop will give employees the basic understanding on how to use their computer and how to search for things.

★ Goal: To ensure employees has the basic understanding of how to use a computer.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Employees will know the basic parts of a computer
  2. Employees will know how to find the computer name
  3. Employees will access the different internet browsers
  4. Employees will learn how to find all programs
  5. Employees will learn how to create a shortcut from a program on the computer and a webpage shortcut to the desktop

Day of Workshop Details