Advanced Web Pages Course



Two separate courses, Building Web Pages and Advanced Web Pages, are meant to create informational web pages for teachers. The goals are for the web pages to be used to provide information, to help with instruction, and to assist teachers in providing handouts for students.


The following web pages are meant only as examples for students in these classes.


Advanced Web Pages

Examples for Advanced Web Pages
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
tables.htmForm ExampleForm Examplemarquee.htmwaldorf.htmtable1.htm
tables1.htmForm Example 2bp_form_email.htmlmultimedia.htmwaldorf_wout.htmframes1.htm
tables2.htmReading Form Examplebp_form_display.htmlmouse1.htmwaldorf1.htmcells.htm
**Sample Student Forms***

Sample Final Projects

Building Web Pages Course Examples


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