My Workshops and Information

Below you will find a list of workshops that I would like to teach and the concepts covered in them.


This course will be for newly promoted or newly hired managers. I will train leaders on how to coach and lead their team.

Topics Include

Change Management

With so many changes in organizations, leaders need to know how to lead their teams through change. In this workshop we will discuss the phases of change and how to lead your team through a change

Topics Include
Understanding Change
Phases of Change
Resources for Your Team

Team Building ⛹

Building teams is important. Having a successful team will help you reach your goals. In this workshop we will discuss how to build a successful team and practice team building exercises to use with your team.

Topics Include

  1. Commuication Assessment
  2. How to use the Communication Assessment with your team.
  3. Teambuilding Exercises to use with your team