Understanding of Professional Apperance (COS 101)


Performance Analysis (Mager, 1988) Jane is a cosmetology instructor for begining professionals studying within the courses of cosmetology. She is responsible for insuring each student will successfully enter into a service learning agreement with local partnering beauty salon businesses. Before this agreement can become official, each student must interview to become a salon employee for the business.

Jane has been informed from several of the salon owners, the students that have been interviewing, haven’t been presenting themselves with a professional image so, Jane has been presented with the task of exploring why the students aren’t presenting themselves with the professional appearances need to become employed and what needs to be implemented to stop the owners from complaining.


Learning Environment The learning community is made up of students being introduced to the profession of cosmetology. The location is a two year community college (Trenholm Community College), where each student has passed a COMPAS exam with validated scores to enter into the program’s course curriculum of cosmetology.

The environments’ social culture suggests an average age that ranges from sixteen-thirty, with a higher percentage of teens registered for the program. The student-instructor ratio is 22:1, with a gender make up of sixteen girls, four boys, and one female instructor.

The environments’ physical configuration is set up as a working salon. It consists of a horizontal roll of 20 salon stations, back-to-back, with mirrors attached, where students can work on opposing sides of each other; every station has a black hydraulic salon chair with silver chrome foot hydraulic lift. The salon station’s cabinets offer massive storage for products and implements. There are five shampoo bowls located on the north side of the salon, with ample shelf space for holding products; a single roll of five seat-connected dryers are located to the west of the shampoo bowls. In the ceiling, there are re-set lights that are strategically placed to create an illusion of a natural essence glow. The only natural light coming into the salon is give by the glass front and door that has the name of the school graphed across the front facing of the glass front.


Students will need to have access to: