Progrom Description

Cosmetology is a term used to encompass a board range of specialty areas, including hairstyling, nail technology, and esthetics. The profession has been defined as,the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the study of cosmetics and their application (Milady, 2008).Through the ages of time, the technological implementation of the services and processes offered within the profession are constantly changing, with the discoveries of new sciences of hair, nail, and skin. Because of these vast changes, state boards of cosmetology are offering online cosmetology courses to obtain continued education (CE) courses that may be needed for topic advancement or obtaining yearly (CE) Courses needed with professional license renewals.

Because of these requirements, Alabama Beauty Salon Co-Op (ABSCO) has designed a program that offers a diverse and easy opportunity for obtaining these special courses.

Five Hour Education Packages

  1. Geeky Color Package
  2. Leading The Way To Success

ABSCO Mission Statement


ABSCO has identified an opportunity for offer continuing education classes. Using an online medium, ABSCO will offer approved board subjects that will help professionals stay abreast of the latest techniques, and provide opportunities for newcomers to learn.

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