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Cosmetology 101 Instructor introduction:


Hello Students,

My name is Ramona Washington. I am a wife, mother of five children, five grand girls, and the instructor that will introduce you to the world of cosmetology.

I started learning the profession of cosmetology while attending high school in 1980. I have worked within the professional arena of beauty for the past 37 years. I am a licensed Master Cosmetologist for the states of Georgia and Alabama; a “Feel Better Look Good” volunteer for the area Cancer Society ; an anti-aging instructor for Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s SAI (Successful Aging Initiative); a curriculum adviser for Trenholm State Technical College in Montgomery, AL; a contract instructor for Lurlene B. Wallace College in Opp, AL; and, a provider of service learning classes for local high school co-op students participating in Alabama Beauty Salon Co-Op Center’s S.H.I.F.T Program "Stepping Higher Into a Futurist Tomorrow".

I am very excited about introducing you to the professional world of cosmetology. This world encompass a board range of specialty areas and I look forward to giving you an overview of the culture.

I welcome you and invite you to get ready for your journey into learning the world of beautifying and improving the total body’s wellness through cosmetology.


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