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Math class 101

Monday Session

start with a youtube addition viedo .

Discuss the meaning of addition.

conduct three problem on the white board.

create new worksheets with 2 and 3 digits numbers.

have students complete addition worksheet.

Tuesday Session

start youtube subraction video.

Discuss the meaning of subtraction.

Discuss anyway to use subraction by saying take away.

Conduct three subraction problems on the white board.

Have student get in groups to work together on worksheet that has both addition and subtraction problems

Wednesday Session

Conuct a youtube viedo about regrouping.

Review addition and subraction with just one digits .

Place 5 problems on the white board to make sure the students have learn the how to subtract and add.

Introduction small two digits numbers problems.

Place the students into groups of three to work on the 10 problem worksheet.

Make sure that each student understand the addition,subraction and regrouping methods before moving on to bigger numbers