Unit 1: Building a Reading Life

In this unit, students will learn how to build a reading life by becoming a classroom community of readers. Students will also think about what it means to be a reader by determining when reading has been great in their lives and thinking about how to continually make that a reality for themselves. To do this they will learn strategies of strong readers and discuss and share ideas as readers. Within the unit, there are three bends:

In Bend 1, readers will:
  • Set, revise and evaluate goals to improve their reading lives
  • Choose just right books to experience joy and progress as readers
  • Develop habits to become more fluent, stronger readers
  • Share their thoughts aloud and in written form to support individual and partnership growth

In Bend 2, readers will:
  • Show comprehension through retelling, envisioning, predicting, and deep conversations with partners

In Bend 3, readers will:
  • Learn strategies for addressing challenging text
  • Go from good to great as readers (grit, figuring out meaning of hard words, using context to figure out unfamiliar words, attending to new vocabulary)
  • Respond to text with deeper meaning

Helpful Anchor Charts

wheredoreadersread readerssetgoals
thinkmarkanchorchart buildingareadinglife
55fingerretell justrightbookanchorchart

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