The point of this site is to make it easier for you, as a facilitator, to integrate technology into your lesson plans/training sessions.

There's no reason to be afraid of the future

At this particular time in our history, there are still a lot of facilitators that have spent the bulk of thier lives without technology in the classroom and still a larger number that have not had it integrated into thier daily lives. Because of that, the idea of using things like the internet, and mobile devices as a part of thier curriculum can seem a daunting task. This site seeks to help you navigate those waters and find where it is most beneficial to include new technologies and when it might be best to leave things the way they are.

Incorporating technology into your classroom doesn't have to be hard

In fact, if you do it properly, it can be absolitely seamless. The point is not for the technology to be there because it can be; the point is for it to be there to make something easier. Whatever that something is--recording grades, tracking progress, cross-class collaboration--your ultimate goal is to make things more accessible to your students and less time consuming for you.

Just be aware

The biggest thing that you need to be concerned about as you decide how to integrate technology into your classroom is the questions of access. Do your students have thier own devices? Is your classroom/district and one-to-one (device to student) environment? Are you asking parents to spend thier own money to provide access to these tools? The answer to these questions must be at the core of your decisions on when, where, and how to use the suggestions we provide.

Some of the things this site will explore are:

Mobile App Integration
While it requires some kind of one-to-one ratio, taking advantage of mobile ubiquitiy can students better manage thier time and you better manage your content.
Forms (Google or otherwise)
Whether it is a character bio for students to fill out or a questionaire about what to cover, forms can help you organize information.
Education-centered Videos
A well-producer video can get your point across better than you could just standing and talking for an hour.
Cloud-based Collaboration
Students no longer have to be in the same place in order to work on an assignment together.