Web-based Tools

Web-based assessment and assigments are probably the most useful and technological tools because all a student usually needs us access to a computer. As long as said computer is moderately up to date, they should be able to complete the assigment. While you should be aware of usage limitations (registration requirments, free verus paid content, etc.), you are likely to find the most overlap among your students when you use web-based applications.

Below is a list of some web-based apps that can be used for general assignments or testing.


TimeToast is a site that allows students to create timelines about whatever they want. Students are able to add picture and weblink to thier entries in order to flush out thier timeline captions with interesting information, allowing for an interesting take on the historical research paper.


Glogster is a site that allows students to build digital poster boards with interactive elements. Besides beings able to put text and images into their work, they can also embed sounds from various sites as well as YouTube videos. The site provides lots of customization for the free accounts and expands on them for the pay and educational sites.

Google Forms

Google Forms allows facilitators to create questionnaires and tests using a range of input options. Students can either be required to login, give thier email address, or fill out the forms anonymously. All informations, once submitted, is arranged into an easy-to-read Excel-like spreadsheet and either emailed to the facilitator or saved in Google Docs.


Intially a form of digital posterboarding like Glogster, Thinglink has expanded with a purely education-based service into interactive webinars, VR Tours, and bootcamps aimed at providing students and facilitators a more outcome based experience. The biggest advantage that Thinglink has over Glogster and similar services is that it allows embeds from a multitude of sites and applications; YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Vimeo, Wordpress, and many others. The pop-up nature of the embeds makes it far less cluttered than Glogster as well.

Google Tour Builder

Google Tour Builder allows facilitators and students to build custom tours around geographic information provided through Google Maps and Google Earth. While the application is still in the beta stages of development, there are lots of places (usually in America or famous landmarks) that allow the student to zoom and and example things like architecture and artwork up close and personal. The site also allows the person setting up the tour to add additional text, picture and videos to give more information about the locations they have chosen.

You can see an example of a tour by clicking here.