Purpose Statement


Mision Kairos exist to reach the next generation Hispanic families in the Charleston, Sourth Carolina area. Our focus is integrate the Hispanic community as part of local church outreach.


We are reaching the Hispanic community thru bilingual teaching, multicultural events, and online resources. Navite local residents can find resources to connect and share their faith with their Hispanic neighbors.

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Integrating Cultures

Mision Kairos is equiping christians for the Kairos times God may open in your walk. find tips and lessons on God's 'oportune time' in your life.

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Become Approved!

The Word of God has life changing principle to positively impact your walk in life. Find articles on life issues and proven tips on applying the Word of God.

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Your Testimony is Seed

No need to reinvent the wheel! Find how others found God's favor in finding posite breakthroughs to impossible issues.

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Invite Others

Grow spiritually through Community and Church events while sharing and feeding your faith.

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God's Restoration Plan

Salvation is a step of faith to restore our relationship with God. Learn the ABC's of this wonderful plan.

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