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Missouri Wine Grapes

Missouri Wine Grapes are slightly different from the more common varietals from California, and places elsewhere. Missouri wine grapes are typically North American in origin, or hybrids from more common French varietals. In the interveneing years from the 1870's to today, there has been an interest in producing more common wines fro the general public.


"The 'Murican Grape"

Catabwa is a North American varietal that is from the east coast of the United States. Aside from wine it is typically used in non-alcoholic grape juice and produces a fairly sweet product. The catabwa grape is in the Vitis labrusca family


"The Revolutionary Grape"

Also a Vitis labrusca grape, it is more commonly eaten out of hand or used in the production of grape jelly (if you've ever had a school PB and J it is probably this grape that is is J), but is also used in the manufacture of certain Missouri wines, and like the Catabwa creates a sweet product, and is often used in wine blends


"The Red Hybrid"

A red vitis vinifera variety. The grape has a deep red color and produces a juice of the same hue. With a lower sugar content than most Missouri wines, it is primarily used to create dry red varieties. THe grape has a strong fungal resistance and has played a part in creating new hybrid varieties.


"The White Hybrid"

A white vitis vinifera, Chardonel is a hybrid from the American Sevyal variety and a traditional Chardonnay grape. When growing the vine produces large clusters of big green grapes and provides for a stiffer less sweet variety, due to the lower sugar content of the grape.


"The Big Boy on the Block"

A red vitis aestivalis, the Norton Grape is a totally North American variety. The grape is the primary source of deep flavorful red wines in Missouri. The grape creates an end product similar to a Cabernet Sauvingion, due to the tannin. Norton is probably the most famous and beloved of the Missouri wine grapes as it lends itself to big bold reds with a velvety mouth feel.

Sevyal Blanc

"The Utility Infielder"

A green grape hybrid, the Seyval grape is used in a number of blends to mellow certain flavors. Citrus-y in nature, it produces a semi-dry final product similar to a sauvingion blanc, or a white burgundy.


"The German"

Derived from Gerwurztraminer, traminette produces a light to medium bodied end product that is similar to many Alsacean varities. Lovers of German wines, should start with wine varities that contain this grape and work out from there.

Vidal Blanc

"The Enigma"

A white vitis vinifera, Vidal Blanc is cultivated across the planet. It is a grape that depending on growing area can vary wildly. Commonly used in the production of ice wine, it is well suited to colder climes. Due to its higher than average sugar content, it is commonly used in dessert wines and other sweeter varieties.


"The Swiss Army Knife"

A late harvest grape, it can be used in a number of different blends and by itself as a single vintage. The grape itself has a high acid content, and a sugar content to match. As a result, it is hardy toward cold, and is used in the production of ice wine.