BOT 123 - Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1 Comprehensive

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Course Syllabus BOT 123 Level I
Microsoft Excel 2016 Comprehensive
FALL 2017 - ONLINE Unit: 1

Note: BOT 123, 124, 125 (same book and access code for all three Comprehensive Excel classes)

COURSE DESCRIPTION This Microsoft Excel course is the first level of a three-level course sequence. Students who complete all three courses will earn a Certificate of Competency from Business Office Technology Department at Grossmont College. This course also prepares students to take Microsoft Excel Core Certification examination or similar examination.
Microsoft Office Specialist: This course will help students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level exam for Excel 2013 (exam 77-420) and Excel 2016 (exam 77-727).
This course will introduce to students spreadsheet terminology and the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel 2016, including identifying Excel window components, and navigating worksheets. Students will learn the basics of entering and editing data, writing simple formulas using functions, and how to save workbooks in Excel format and other formats. Students also learn how to apply formatting techniques to worksheet, create and edit charts, how to use absolute references, how to freeze rows and columns and how to use options of page setup to print the worksheet.

  • Exploring the Excel Window
  • Entering and editing cell data
  • Creating formulas and display cell formulas
  • Managing columns and rows
  • Selecting, moving, copying and pasting data
  • Applying cell styles, alignment, and font options
  • Applying number formats, selecting page setup options
  • Previewing and printing a worksheet
  • Using Relative, Absolute and Mixed cell references
  • Inserting basics functions such as sum, average, etc.
  • Using Date functions such as TODAY () and NOW ()
  • Inserting basic Math and statistics functions
  • Determining results with the IF and PMT functions
  • Using Lookup functions: VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • Selecting the Data Source and a Chart type
  • Moving, sizing, and printing a chart
  • Adding, editing, and formatting chart elements
  • Applying a Chart Style and colors
  • Modifying the data source
  • Creating and customizing Sparklines
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Printing large datasets
  • Designing and creating tables
  • Applying a Table Style
  • Creating structured references in formulas
  • Sorting and Filtering data
  • Adding a Total Row, creating a new rule
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  1. Identify terminology and the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  2. Manipulate creates and formats, formulas and functions, datasets and tables, and charts
  3. Demonstrate of several Excel techniques and formulas to make their spreadsheets attractive and useful
RECOMMENDED PREPARATION BOT/CSIS 096 (Computer Basics for the Office) or equivalent BOT/CSIS 097 (Windows Basics for the Office) or equivalent BOT 100 (Basic Keyboarding)

ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in this class can notify the Instructor and contact Accessibility Resource Center (A.R.C.), formerly DSP&S, early in the semester so reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible. Students may contact A.R.C. in person in Building 60-120 or by phone at (619) 644-7112 (voice) or (619) 644-7119 (TTY for deaf).

Students are referred to enroll in the following supervised tutoring courses if the service indicated will assist them in achieving or reinforcing the learning objectives of this course: English 198W, Supervised Tutoring for assistance in the English Writing Center (Room 70-119); and/or IDS 198T, Supervised Tutoring to receive one-on-one tutoring in academic subjects in the Tutoring Center (Room 70-229, 644-7387) REQUIRED MATERIALS

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MyITLab Access Code is accessible for most BOT Comprehensive courses. If you are taking more than one course at Grossmont College this semester, you only need to purchase the access code once for all your BOT Comprehensive courses. However, you would need to purchase the textbooks separately for each course.

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