Patrick's Corner

Some Helpful Links

Here are some links that may help you understand concepts a little more and empower you to start thinking in a healthier way.

More Help With Distortions
Worksheet to Help get you Started
Some Questions to Consider
A Workbook for Those who Want to go Further
Some Examples With Each Distortion
A worksheet for Distortions
Web Links
Automatic Thoughts and how They Control Us
How to Cognitively Restructure
More About Cognitive Restructuring
A Wikipedia Article Describing Cognitive Distortions
A Helpful Link for Those Looking for a Therapist
A Good Article About why and how Therapy Works
A Collection of Psychology Websites

Click on a link to learn more
All or Nothing & Overgeneralizing
Mental Filter & Disqualifying the Positive
Jumping to Conclusions & Magnification / Minimization
Emotional Reasoning & Shoulds
Labeling & Personalization
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