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Professional Appearance Chapter 3

Because in any business, your image has the power to make or break an organization. How you look and present yourself has a big influence on whether you will be successful working in your chosen career path or not succeed in your career path. In the profession of cosmetology, you are titled stylist, with this title, you are expected to look stylish and carry yourself in a way that will convenes your clients to receive your advice on make-up, current beauty tips, and methods for implementing applied beauty.

When your appearance and the way that you conduct yourself are in harmony with the beauty business you own, your chances of being successful in any are of cosmetology increases by as much as 100 percent! When you look great, you feel good, and your clients will assume that you can make them look greater, too.

Personal Hygiene

Being well groomed is just the beginning to having a professional appearance. Smelling fresh is the ultimate measure for having a total package of wellness. As a cosmetologist, our profession is just one of the professions that allow your service to put your hands on another person. As a practitioner, we are frequently only inches away from a client while preforming a service. So, it is a given, we must shower or bathe every day, use deodorant before going to work, and generally be neat and clean when preparing to offer services to a client.

Chapter 3 PPP Video Review

Please watch the following video and answer the followed questions.

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Summary and Review

What are four good personal hygiene habits?

What is the best way to ensure you are dressed for success?

What are four ways you can avoid ergonomic related injuries?