ESL Non-verbal Communication

By improving ones understanding and execuction of these non-verbal communication concpets, learners become more confident and more effective speakers. Learners will discover the essential tools that they need to be effective and persuasive in the interpersonal communications and oral presentations.

What are things non-verbal communication can or should do?:

What are things non-verbal communication should not do?:

Using the text book and what we have learned so far, try to decide what message is being portrayed in the following images:

Nonverbal 01
Nonverbal 02
Nonverbal 03
Nonverbal 04
Nonverbal 05

Write down your answers and be preparred to discuss them with the class.

Some images may have more than 1 correct interpretation!

Vocabulary Assignment for this Week

Please download the list of Vocabulary words here:

Vocabulary Assignment 2

Bring any volcabulary words that you were unfamialr with from this list to class for a discussion!