Pragmatics Assignment

This week we will be looking at pragmatics. We will examine the pragmatics involved in non-verbal communication.

Read through the following article on using compliments in American English:

American English Compliments

We will start by watching the following video:



Click the link below to view

Complimenting Strangers with Lindsey Stirling

After watching the video, consider the following questions and be preparred to share your thoughts and findings in a classroom discussion:

  • Which compliments were successful?
  • Which compliments were not successful?
  • How could you tell?
  • What were the reactions to the successful compliments? (Give specific details)
  • What were the reactions to the non-successful compliments? (Give specific details)
  • What did you notice?

Assignment for this Week

Be prepared to complete the folowing assignment with a partner next class. Please think of at least two topics that you would like to debate:

Debate Assignment