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Here you will find a list and some guidance with the most common cognitive distortions we use when making judgments about ourselves and others. These cognitive distortions can make life miserable for us and usually come from a place of self-criticism and judgment. They influence our automatic thoughts and create disharmony with our emotions. These unhelpful thinking mistakes can lead to:

Look at the list here for an idea of cognitive distortions, then if you click on the table at the bottom, you will jump right to the cognitive distortion. We also have links to some helpful documents and PDFs, as well as links to websites, and forms that you can use to give feedback and tell us a little about what you learned.

Here is a video explaining the problems with unhelpful (automatic) thoughts:

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All or Nothing & Overgeneralizing
Mental Filter & Disqualifying the Positive
Jumping to Conclusions & Magnification / Minimization
Emotional Reasoning & Shoulds
Labeling & Personalization
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