Physical Assessment - Patient Scenarios

1. You are performing a respiratory assessment on a patient when the patient reports occassional chest pain.

Consider how you will demonstate effective management of the patients report.

respiratory assessment

2. A patient is being assessed after reporting dyspnea.

Consider how you will document your understanding of the effects of cyanosis.

chart of dyspnea

3. If you are assessing a patient for crepitus, you will need to perform a specific hand placement technique.

Consider which technique is the most effective.

chart of crepitus

4. A patient is undergoing a respiratory assessment, auscultates is being performed.

Consider how to determine if a adventitious lung sound is present.

chart of lung sounds

5. You are preparing to monitor a patient's arterial oxygen saturation levels with a pulse oximetry ear probe.

Consider the conditions that you will monitor for accuracy.

chart of oxygen levels