Physical Assessment - Techniques in Practice

This site is designed to provide you, the learner, with all the tools and resources you might need to meet your learning objectives. The overarching goal is to stregthen your understanding and knowledge of Physical Assessment, along with develop your techniques in assessing a patient. Through engaging and interactive excercises, you will have the opportunity to dive into patient scenarios, access videos and images, and quiz yourself along the way.

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thinking What is Physical Assessment in Nursing?

It's the process during which you use your senses to collect objective data. You will need all the skills of assessment-cognitive, psychomotor, interpersonal, affective, and ethical/legal-to perform an accurate, thorough physical assessment. To be successful in physcially assessing a patient, one must communicate effectively, with clarity. Physical assessment provides another perspective to the patient history, allowing for you to see you patient objectively, through your senses.