Mr.B's World History Website

What we Learn

Students will examine the major periods of ancient history from pre-historic times to modern day. Major emphasis will be given to the development of civilization and the role of government and how it effects a civilization.

Ways In Which You Will Learn The Content

I believe that to truly have my students thinking critically at a high level I have to incorporate primary and secondary sources in my classroom. One way inwhich I hieve this, is by adding DBQ's (document based questions) to my curriculum. This allows students to read primary and secondary sources and then ask them critical thinking questions over what they read. Then at the end of the DBQ my students will have to answer a essay question that will some up all the documents they just learned about. The goal of the DBQ is for my students to develop and enhance thier critical thinking skills.

Major Themes to be Overed this Year.
  1. Unit 1:Accelerated Exchange
      • Early Humans
      • Mesopotamia/Egypt
      • Greece
      • Rome
      • Middle Ages
      • Rise of Islam
      • Crusades
      • Black Death
      1. Unit 2: Age of Discovery
          • Protestant Reformation
          • Renaissance
          • Age of Exploration
          • Trade Networks
          • Atlantic Slave Trade
          1. Unit 3: Age of Revolution
              • French Revolution
              • American Revolution
              • Industrial Revolution
              • Russian Revolution
              1. Unit 4: The Modern Era
                  • World War 1
                  • World War 2
                  • Cold War
                  • War on Terror