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Physical Science
First Second and Fourth Hours

Physical Science
1st 2nd and 4th Hours

flask cartoon The sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects, including physics, chemistry.

Weekly Assignments

Class Resources

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Unit One Topics

  1. Lab Safety
  2. Metric System
  3. Scientific Method
  4. communicating data

Unit Two Topics

  1. Atomic Timeline
  2. Atomic Theory
  3. Periodic Table
  4. Atomic and Ionic Bonding

Unit Three Topics

  1. Adopt an Element
  2. Adoption Paperwork
  3. Research Methods

Bonus Question

In this box I will list a weekly bonus question for students to get additional credit on. This question will be related to the material being learned that week but require outside of class research on the student's part to get enrichment points.

Science Trivia

The only elements that are liquid at room temperature are bromine and mercury. However, you can melt gallium by holding a lump in the warmth of your hand.