Table Wines

wine pairing

Table wines are ordinary wines of moderate quality that are considered suitable for drinking with meals. Pairing wine with food is easy. However, there are some considerations if one wants the best possible experience. Explore the the information below to learn more about pairing wine with your favorite foods.

Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Lamb Shanks
  2. Beef Burgers
  3. Filet Mignon
  4. Beef Stew
  5. Prime Rib

Pinot Noir

  1. Meat Balls
  2. Rabbit
  3. Duck
  4. Pork
  5. Goat

Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Cheese
  2. Spring Vegetables
  3. Shellfish
  4. Snapper
  5. Salad

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

  1. Oysters
  2. Shrimp
  3. Salami
  4. Egg Dishes
  5. Smoked Salmon

Here is a Recipe for Budget Beef Bourguignon: Succulent Beef Stewed in Merlot

Click here to access the recipe as a Word document.

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