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Find the Publication Date of a Webpage

To find the date of a Webpage open the page and then press “Ctrl+U” to open the page source. You can also right-click on any page and open page source. 

Now press “Ctrl+F” and search for “date” and go through all the matches. Somewhere, you will find any one of these parameters: “date”, “dateModified”, “dateUpdated”, “updated”, “updatedAt”, “createdAt”. These variables will hold the information about the publication date of the webpage.

Stock Quotes

You can check any stock by typing its ticker name into Google. If you search for GOOG, it will check the stock prices for Google.

Spell Numbers

How do you spell out 1,234,567,890? Google can tell you if you search [number]=english. A card will show you that it's one billion two hundred thirty-four million five hundred sixty-seven thousand eight hundred ninety

Time "Place"

This will display the time in whatever place you enter

time rome

Weather "Zip Code"

This will show you the weather in the given zip code. You can also use town and city names instead of area codes, but it may not be as accurate if there are multiple zip codes in the city.

Weather 62626


Google search will grab your location and deliver a variety of results about places that are near you.

Pizza nearby

Sunrise - Sunset

Get the exact sunrise or sunset time in your city by simply searching for either word. If you want to know the sunrise or sunset for another city, just add that city to your query

sunrise   sunset

sunrise in paris  sunset in Sydney 

Timer - Stopwatch

Search timer to get a timer or stopwatch to time something 



Track Packages

You can enter any UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking number directly into the Google search bar, and it’ll show you the tracking information about your package.

IP Address

You can type what is my ip address in your search bar to find out what your system’s IP address is.