We have all heard the saying "garbage in, garbage out," which applies to Internet search skills. If you don't have good search skills, you will have a tough time finding the results you seek. This site is here to help you hone your skills and become a master of search. You might be surprised at what you learn along the way.

Basic Search

When we think about online searches, we tend to think, “Google it.” We put some words into the search bar and hope for the best. And sometimes that even works! 

But what if you knew a few hacks that would help you find what you seek faster, with less scrolling and frustration? Check the tricks out now! 

By using a few simple additions to your search strings, you will be a better researcher in no time.

Advanced Search

Occasionally we need a bit more help to find specific information. Advanced search tips can help you specify words in a page’s title, find ranges of numbers and even find out what is trending on social media. What will you find today?

Image Search

Google can search for words but also images. This is one of those Google Search tricks which is extremely useful but not many users know about. 

You can use an image to search for related images. This comes in handy when you have an image but don’t have any context.

Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Everything Else

The search functions are only a few of the fantastic results you can discover with the Google search bar. 

Some of us need some on screen assistance, and these tutorials should get you started. 

Maybe you need help with math or unit conversions

Or want to explore hidden elements and games in the Google Easter Eggs. There is so much to be found with only a few keystrokes.