Experienced Leaders

About this page

This page is for leaders who are experienced in thier leadership position. You have been in your current role for at least 3 years. I felt it was important to have a page for experienced leaders to not only share thier experiences but also refresh take time to refresh on their leadership skills as well. Too often we ignore the experienced leaders but I think it is important to have training and development for this group and introduce new trends in leadership and development. On this site you will find tools and information to help you continue your leadership career. I hope this information helps you learn new skills and continue to improve on your leadership skils.

Week 1


In week one we will discuss leading and the challenges of leading a team with new dymanics in the workplace.

Before you attend the session you will complete an assessment and some required reading.

In Week One We Will:

  1. Start first with an assessment to gauge our leaderships skills.
  2. Use the results of the assessment to help build a development plan for areas needed for improving these skills.
  3. Leave with work to complete before attending the next session.

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Week 2

In Week Two We Will:

  1. Further build on what we discussed in week one.
  2. Discuss managing a team through change.
  3. Compare and contrast leadership styles of your peers and role play coaching with your team.
  4. Have a book discussion on key leadership lessons that we can apply in the workplace.
  5. Discuss how to mentor others in your organization.
  6. Build action plans to further develop your leadership skills.

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