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Data Manager

Data Manager

During this section you will learn how to navigate the InSite Database to create, amend and delete data.

Data Manager is used to view and edit datasets stored in the InSite Database. The Files that contain well data are stored on the hard drive of the ADI computer. These files are encrypted and cannot be opened by any software other than InSite.

To launch Data Manager, click once on the Data Manager icon located in the Data tab or click on the quick link icon at the top of InSite Studio.

A database can be defined as a collection of data that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.Users of the Microsoft Excel program will be familiar with the concept of data being organized into rows, columns and tables; they will also be accustomed to tables where the user can filter data to aid analysis.

The InSite Database follows the same basic premise, but due to the sheer volume of data it can store, it uses a tree structure to separate the data into a logical fashion.

Ecercise Instructions

Certification InSite Workbook - Data Manager Exercise

Use the above link to download the Data Manager Exercise document. Follow the steps outlined in the exercise to navigate the InSite Database software. For extra information please watch the Introduction to Data Manager video above and the useful links contained within the navigation tool bar.

Once the exercise has been completed answer the questions contained within the InSite Data Manager Quiz below. Once the quiz has been completed send it via your Halliburton issued E-mail address to

Expected Time: 1 Hours
Materials Required:

  1. InSite Software
  2. KeenerKanyon.adi
  3. Data Manager Quiz

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