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InSite Insallation

InSite Installation

During this section you will learn how to install and Uninstall InSite (Integrated System for Information, Technology and Engineering) software.

Like so many of Halliburton’s software packages they can be downloaded via the TSorders website. This can be accessed through your internet browser when on the Halamerica network. InSite is MAC controlled, so ensure you know the computers MAC address, computer name and operating system before requesting the software through TSorders. When you have been approved an email will be send to your user account which will contain a link to download the software and also an attached license file which will be needed to open InSite.

Before Installing any software on a Halliburton issued computer it is important to know the system and hardware requirements. This information can be found in the release notes which will be contained within the downloaded folder.

In order to use a full install of Sperry InSite®, the user must be logged in with an account which has full administrator privileges this will ensure that when InSite is launched you will have elevated permissions. Ensure Daylight Saving Time is turned OFF and check that Auto Restart following Windows Updates is disabled to prevent any potential loss of data. If you are using a Halliburton issued computer with a filed image, Auto Restart should already be disabled. The Release notes will also contain information regarding the required Configuration as well as detailed Installation Instructions, this must be read and understood before installation occurs.

Ecercise Instructions

Certification InSite Workbook - InSite Installation Exercise

Use the above link to download the InSite Installation Exercise document. Follow the steps outlined in the exercise to Install the InSite software. For extra information please watch the InSite Installation video above and the useful links contained within the navigation tool bar.

Once the exercise has been completed answer the questions contained within the InSite Installation Quiz below.

Expected Time: 1 Hours
Materials Required:

  1. InSite Software
  2. InSite Installation Quiz

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