SDL Certifcation Class
InSite Introduction

InSite Introduction

InSite is a core data acquisition and distribution system used by Halliburton Wellsite services. InSite is designed to handle recorded and real-time data and display that data simultaneously to any InSite workstation on a network. InSite stands for Integrated System for Information, Technology and Engineering.InSite Studio is where the integration of these functions takes place. InSite Studio is the primary interface that allows users to monitor, manage and maintain virtually every facet of InSite's suite of applications.

Certification InSite Workbook - InSite Introduction Exercise

Ecercise Instructions

Use the above link to download the InSite Introduction Exercise document. Follow the steps outlined in the exercise to navigate the InSite software. For extra information please watch the InSite introduction video above and the useful links contained within the navigation tool bar.

Once the exercise has been completed answer the questions contained with in the InSite Quiz document below.

Expected Time: 1 Hours
Materials Required:

  1. InSite Software
  2. InSite Introduction Quiz

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