Incoming Student Technology Training
Summer 2017

Welcome to Cor Jesu!

This website contains links, text, videos, and activities that will help you get to some some important ways you can use your computer for your classes here at CJA. Before you dive in, though, a few bits of instruction:

It is recommended that you work through the topics below in order, but you do not need to finish all in one sitting. If you already know something, it will only take you a few minutes to skim through and complete the task associated with the topic. Work at your own pace - all students at CJ are coming from different backgrounds in computer use.

What do you need to know?

Acceptable Use Policy
Review the policy and answer a few questions.
Windows 10 Exploration
Learn about features of Windows 10 and basic navigation, file saving, etc.
Printing at CJA
Learn about printers on campus and how to conserve paper.
Getting into Google: Chrome and Apps
Sign into Chrome to save your bookmarks, etc., then explore Google's web apps.
Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive
Set up your Office 365 account and connect your Offie apps to OneDrive for cloud access.
Microsoft OneNote
Learn how to create notebooks, where to save them, and how to use this app.