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"Education is what remains after what one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~Albert Einstein

Early Preschool: Reading

Early Preschool: Reading

Identifying Key Ideas

The best way to introduce young readers to the process of identifying key ideas in stories is by building comprehension. These skills come naturally through communication beyond the words on a page with your child as you read. During this process of reading, allow your child to stop and ask questions or even point to various objects in the story. You may also choose to use open-ended questions to guide or expand your child’s mind on various concepts within the story. Remember if your child is no longer attentive to the story that is okay. Reading should always be a positive experience for early preschoolers.

Phonological Awareness

A big part of the reading process is Phonological Awareness. This process allows your child to make connections to sounds in the words. One of the best ways to introduce awareness with early preschoolers is through music. Songs such as “Willoughby Wallaby” and “Down by the Bay” are great starts! Repetition is required for children to make the connection in the rhymes and word play in these tunes.

Alphabet Recognition

When beginning to read for early preschoolers, Alphabet Recognition is a very important part. Already knowing how to sing their ABC’s, the fun begins when giving those letters an image. Most readers start out by recognizing the letters in their name. Which later advances to letter sounds and sizes. Making sure that your child is able to connect letters to sounds as well as an image is a very important skill. This will prepare them when the time comes for them to start writing and making words on their own.

Story Appreciation

Early preschoolers should be able to explore through reading as much as possible. Reading should always be a positive experience. For Interactive stories for your child, please visit the following link:

  • Interactive Stories