All About Early Preschoool!

"Education is what remains after what one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~Albert Einstein

Early Preschool, where learning can be fun for everyone.

Ms. Bee's Class

Welcome to our webpage on Early Preschool learning. Here we try to provide vital information on what your child will be learning throughout the school year as well as information preparing you and your child(ren) for a fun filled preschool year.

Teacher Introduction

I enjoy teaching it's what I was born to do. Find out more about your child's teacher by clicking the above link or visiting our official school webpage.


Course Overview

Styling Tables

Grading Scale

Ms. Bee's Classroom

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" ~Walt Disney
Range Letter Grade Point Scale
100 - 90 A 4.0 - 3.7
89 - 80 B 3.6 - 2.7
79 - 70 C 2.6 - 1.7
69 - 60 D 1.6 - 1.0
59 or below F 1.5 - 0.0

At Primrose Schools, it is our goal to make sure that each child get's what they need to be successful in their academic school year.

Helpful Tips Dealing with Preschoolers


There are many helpful ways to prepare you and your child for an awesome preschool school year.