All About Early Preschoool!

"Education is what remains after what one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~Albert Einstein

Early Preschool: Mathematics

Number Concepts

The best way to introduce younger children to the process of understanding Number Concepts is by building number recognition and comprehension. These skills come naturally through communication and active play. The best way to introduce numbers is through everyday activities such as cleaning, eating, and even transitions from one location to another. Use counting during clean up time, how many toys can you find, and during meals by asking how much of a certain item is left on plates,

Patterns and Sorting

A big part of the mathematical process is Patterns and Sorting. This process allows your child to make connections with objects based on their shapes, similarities and differences. One of the best ways to introduce this learning task with children is through blocks or shape sorters. The more children begin to sort blocks on their own time, the more they begin to see the connection between them. Naturally children will begin to connect or sort by colors or even shapes.


When introducing early preschoolers to Measurements it is very important to realize that in the beginning they may not understand the concept of weigh, length, or even height. Children at this age should start off with the basics as in more, less than, and zero. Ways to enhance a child’s knowledge of these terms would be to do so using common everyday objects that they may be familiar with. This will prepare them when the time comes for them to start using basic mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.