All About Early Preschoool!

"Education is what remains after what one has forgotten what one has learned in school." ~Albert Einstein

Early Preschool: Early Art Masters

Exploration of Art Materials

picture of watercolor

The best thing about influencing early preschool children through art is that it is not just messy and fun but also very helpful for brain development. Through exploration of art materials children are using their naturally given skills to observe and manipulate objects to produce a wonderful creation. While exploring materials children are enhancing their fine motor skills, working on hand-eye coordination, and even cognitive development skills.

Creative Imagination

picture of handprints

A big part of the art process is Creative Imagination. This process allows your child to make connections with design and the real world. Children have the best imaginations. They can turn a single mark into a full story or adventure. Allowing children to explore through art also influences the brain and imagination. Art is not always about what the design turns out like but the process and hard work that goes into putting ideas and feelings onto a canvas or paper.

picture of insects

Movement and Dance

picture of music art

Another way to introduce art to children is through Movement and Dance. This is also a very important part of art. Most early preschoolers are still in the scribbling stages of art. That’s perfectly natural. A common way to introduce children to new marks is through music. Children are able to recreate their own art designs listening to their favorite tunes to relax and get them in tune to what they are doing. Combining art, dance and music is fun to do and teaches your child that music is art in itself. Some of the greatest artist in the world use musical influences to get their brains flowing.

picture of recreation