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Google Forms is one of the most underutilized productivity tools available in G Suite For Education. Google Forms lets you create your own fully customizable form to collect information from your desired audience, conveniently summarizes the results yet still allows you the ability to perform your own data analysis and saves everything automatically in Google Drive.

The resources here will help you get started if you're new to this application or hone your skills if you already use forms. Either way, you can use keep this reference sheet handy when working with forms.

first day
First Day With Forms

New to Forms? Get started by visiting Google's training.
Google Help
Google for Education Help

Need help with Forms? All the answers to your questions can be found.
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Forms Tutorial

Visual Learner? Watch this video by a very enthusiaistic Forms fan.
Podcast on Google Forms as an Assessment Tool

Auditory learner? Listen how to make self-grading quizzes.
Charging Battery
Supercharge Google Forms with Add-Ons

Already know Forms? Try this training on Forms add-ons.
What is Branching in Google Forms?

Differentiate with Forms? Find out how.
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