Forms in the Classroom

101 Practical Tips, Tools & Resources

#1 to #25 ⇒ Administration & Assessment
Form Name Description of Use Application Link
Agenda Creation Send a Google Form and Create an AgendaDoc Administration Info
Call for Speakers Find volunteers for professional development conferences Administration View
Course Evaluation Form Get course evaluations for self-assessment & reflection Administration View
Entry Ticket Find out what teachers and students want to learn about Administration View
Evaluating Effective Instruction Collect information about instruction based on a conceptual framework Administration View
Evaluating Self-Esteem Analyze self-esteem and plan interventions according to the results Administration View
Graduation Information Collect information to order robes and hoods for graduation Administration View
Parent Homework Survey Find out parental attitudes regarding homework Administration View
Parent Teacher Conferences Collect information necessary to plan for a parent teacher conference Administration View
Prof Development Certficates Use Google Forms to collect information for PD certificates Administration View
RSVP Form Collect and track invitation responses Administration View
Snow Chain Maker Use a form to make an emergency closing phone chain Administration View
Student Activities Guide Gather information to create a guide to school clubs Administration View
Student ID Request Have online students apply for a student ID Administration View
Student Voting Form Use forms to create a school or classroom voting system Administration View
Team Building Workshop Registration Have teachers register for team building exercises Administration View
Chromebook Literacy Quiz Assess students and faculty abiltities with Chromebooks Assessment View
Exit Ticket End class with an Exit Ticket activity Assessment View
Flipped Classroom Lesson Have students watch a video and answer some comprehension questions Assessment View
Forms with Feedback Add teacher feedback to a form submitted by students Assessment Info
Grading Rubric Use Google Forms to create rubrics for marking student work Assessment Info
Math Check-In Use data validation to check answers and reflection to assess understanding Assessment View
Pre-Learning Assessment Use a form to assess what the students already know about a subject Assessment View
Quiz on Goal Setting Create a self-grading assessment Assessment View
Reading Comprehension Evaluate student comprehension for any given subject or text Assessment View
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