Forms in the Classroom

101 Practical Tips, Tools & Resources

#51 to #75 ⇒ Instruction
Form Name Description of Use Application Link
Annotated Bibliography Take notes to compose an annotated bibliography Instruction View
Be a Storyteller Create a story with the students in your class Instruction View
Bell Ringer Get class started with a Do Now Instruction View
Book Report Generator Helps students organize information for a book or other report Instruction View
Book Reviews Have students review a book they read Instruction View
Build An Interactive Timeline Students submit events to build an interactive & searchable timeline Instruction Info
Classroom Buzzer Use Google Forms to Make a buzzer for Jeopardy and other activities Instruction Info
Collect Assignments Use a pre-filled Google Form to collect student assignments Instruction Info
Collecting Data for Student Analysis Whether for Statistics or another math class, have students do data analysis Instruction View
Compositions - Peer Editing Students get feedback for written compositions through peer editing Instruction View
Copia di Exit Ticket Make an exit ticket in another language Instruction View
Create a User Contributed Map Map what students are learning, where they are going or where they've been Instruction Info
Create a Word Cloud Have students contribute vocabulary to create a lesson Wordle or Word Cloud Instruction Info
Escape Room Create an Escape Room form unlocked by typing in a word or phrase Instruction Info
Exploring Cultural Impacts Use a Form to assess a Slides lesson on cultural impacts on music Instruction Info
Form To Slides Collaboration Create a presentations from responses for a variety of purposes Instruction View
Form with Choice Elimination This form lets you eliminate a choice once someone has taken it Instruction Info
Gamification Use a combination of Google Sheets and Forms to gamify a course Instruction Info
Gather Global Data Forms can help conduct research from people around the world Instruction View
Generic Answer Sheet Use Forms to create an answer sheet for any purpose Instruction View
Google Flip Packs Use G Suite Apps including forms to flip classroom learning Instruction Info
Graph Survey Results Learn how to summarize data collected from a form Instruction Info
In Three Words... Create an instructional activity to gather thoguhts in three words Instruction View
Jar of Jelly Beans Teach estimation or just do it for fun Instruction View
Manage Writing Projects Track your progress and manage long term assignments Instruction View
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