Forms in the Classroom

101 Practical Tips, Tools & Resources

#26 to #50 ⇒ Assessment, Classroom Management & Extracurriculars
Form Name Description of Use Application Link
Reading Skills Assess and record a student's reading skills Assessment View
Replace Optical Answer Sheets Discard those old scantrons and never darken a circle again Assessment View
Test Your Computer Literacy Assess general computer and computational literacy Assessment View
Weekly Feedback Send Comments, Questions, Concerns or Compliments to students Assessment Info
ABC Behavior Tracker Record observations using the ABC discipline model Classroom Mgt View
Certificate Generator Create certifcates and print or email to the recipients Classroom Mgt View
Class Participation Document observations about engagement and participation Classroom Mgt View
Daily Attendance Use Forms to track and evaluate attendance data in your classroom Classroom Mgt Info
Field Trip Permission Slip Distribute and collect permission slips with a form Classroom Mgt View
Homework Check Use this form to check homework Classroom Mgt View
Late Work Submission Keep a record AND get notified when finally handed in Classroom Mgt Info
Locked Out of the Classroom Reinforce classroom procedures with students Classroom Mgt View
Lunch Count Gather a count of lunches using this Forms template Classroom Mgt View
Parent Communication Emails Create a customized class newsletter for each student's home Classroom Mgt Info
Parent Information Create a parent contact list at Back To School night Classroom Mgt View
Student Contact Information Gather info about students at the start of the school year Classroom Mgt View
Student Pass Log Use to sign out and then back in Classroom Mgt Info
Student Reading Log Create a reading log using Google Forms Classroom Mgt Info
Student Role In School Students reflect on school and the school community Classroom Mgt View
Students Chooses Make your class student centered by allowing students to choose Classroom Mgt View
Trivia Game as a Sign In Be relevant and have a little fun while checking in online Classroom Mgt View
Club Communications Gather member attitudes to help promote your school club Extracurricular View
NHS Tutoring Schedule Schedule a tutoring session with Nationa Honor Society Extracurricular View
Report the School News Get the latest buzz on school happenings Extracurricular View
Sign In Sheet Use for a Club Meeting Sign In Extracurricular View
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