Forms in the Classroom

101 Practical Tips, Tools & Resources

#76 to #100 ⇒ Instruction & Lesson Planning
Form Name Description of Use Application Link
Online Responsibility Help further student understandings of the district's Acceptable Use Policy Instruction View
Pick Your Own Path Have students pick a path or choose their own adventure Instruction Info
Pre-Writing Task Pre-reading or pre-writing focus activity for students Instruction View
QR Generator Get this add-on to generate a QR code from a form Instruction Info
Quick Class Poll Closed-ended questions can be displayed as graphs Instruction Info
Response To Literature Use this form to organize a response to literature Instruction View
Science Lab Data Collections Collect science class Lab data using Google Forms Instruction Info
Songwriting Lesson Use a Form to assess a Slides lesson on songwriting Instruction Info
Spelling Test Use a numbered form for students to type answers as you read the word list Instruction View
Status of Group Projects Have students assess fellow group members for projects Instruction View
Story Emotion Graph Have students visualize a story by comparing emotions Instruction View
Student Opinions Want to get to know your students better or learn about their preferences? Instruction View
Summer Vacation I want to know what you did last summer in a Form Instruction View
Survey Design for Students Teach students how to make good surveys using forms Instruction Info
What Do Plants Need? Create a lesson activity to reinforce instruction Instruction View
Big Data Analysis Use multiple Forms and consolidate into one Sheet for analysis Lesson Planning Info
Add-ons to Forms Attend an online webinar about add-ons to forms Lesson Planning Info
Book Club Choices Allow students to research books title and decide their top 3 choices Lesson Planning View
Classroom Calendar Create Google Calendar events from a Google Form Lesson Planning Info
Rate A Field Trip or Class Visit Find out how your field trip or guest speaker visit went Lesson Planning View
Shortcut to the blank form This quick link launches the Google app and starts a blank form Lesson Planning Info
Student Lesson Assessments Have students rate your lessons for your own reflection Lesson Planning View
Summer Assignments Track completion of summer assignments using Google Forms Lesson Planning Info
Technology Survey Find out student online habits to teach Digital Citizenship Lesson Planning View
The Magic Automatic Lesson Planner Digitize your lesson plans and make them shareable and searchable. Lesson Planning Info
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